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    Julie McKanna

    Hi all,

    As was briefly brought up in today’s EPIQ Lung Health Group meeting, I am curious what centers are using for videolaryngoscopy, and rates of success with using, specifically the CMAC, on ELBW infants.
    We had purchased the Infantview Videolaryngoscope (initially Accutronic, then Vyaire, distributed by Trudell in the West) last year due to it having a 00 blade, and we have had much success in very small infants with this device. We have gotten word this this device is no longer supported by Vyaire and will be removed from use (not for safety issues, simply support/parts issues).
    We will be trialing a CMAC next week. We had trialed previously and found the 0 blade too large for our small infants. There has been some talk of success with their new hybrid 0 Mac/Miller blade which was released since our trial.

    What are centers using for videolaryngoscopy? Are you able to use/have you had success using the CMAC for ELBW infants 400-750gm? Any tricks of the trade for us to attempt to implement in our trial?

    Thanks so much for any input at all!
    Julie McKanna
    Foothills Medical Centre

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    Hi… I know we are now using the CMAC. Nikki Hill or Ron Heese at our site can give you more info
    Emails nhill@hsc.mb,ca rheese @hsc.mb.ca

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